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Just want to tell you that your company has great employees – the salesman and the “technician” both were very kind and considerate.


If every company would “do as you do” we’d have great businesses.  Thank you – God Bless


Dutch and Linda VanderBerg




We were looking to update our termite protection and also to help decrease the spiders and other insects that invade a lower level. Our home was only eight years old.  We wanted to protect our investment and avoid any costly termite repair.


We called several companies to get estimates and compare services.  One big name company had voice mail and never responded to two left messages.  Another company didn’t even come to the house, just gave a price over the phone.


Keller came to the home as scheduled.  They had a plan, up to date treatment and follow up program.  No high pressure just appropriate information.


Nyle and Barbara Fassett




Keller Pest Control has been a big help in our homes and business.  Since starting with this company they have managed the pest that invaded our lives, for example, mice, rats, and spiders.  We highly recommend Keller Pest Control.  The staff is always friendly and helpful.


Our business involves corn and this company has been able to control the population of pests that like to invade corn.  They have come up with ideas to help keep the population of mice and rats to a minimum, which is very important in our business.


If you have an issue with pest control call Keller Pest Control.  They will control your pest issues.


Deanne Mumby




Ian Millar was my service technician and he was more than helpful with my problems, with fleas and bugs.  Thanks to him and this service my problems got resolved.  He was here promptly when he was supposed to be.


Nina Piller




We have been customers with Keller Pest Control since 2012 and Derek has always been wonderful at addressing our pest concerns.  He is always so friendly and helpful with advice on how we can deter pests.  He does a very thorough job every time and I feel confident after he does a treatment on our home that we won’t run into many creepy crawlies.  Great Service!


Kristin Foreman




Keller has been a great company to work with.  Derek has worked with us for many years.  He is very thorough and helped us solve a mice problem in our previous home.  I would recommend Keller to anyone.  When we moved to our new home, there were a lot of bugs and spiders.  One treatment from Derek and we haven’t seen one since.  We currently have treatments quarterly and this keeps control of any bugs or mice.  Thanks Derek!


Kathy Shapiro




Derek is wonderful and we really appreciate his dedication and work.  On his last service he noticed a small leak and informed us about it.  We probably would have not noticed.  We had to open up a wall and Derek probably saved us thousands of dollars of potential damage.  Thank you.


Pam Nivila




I appreciate that any time I need them, even between regular services, they come right out.  They have always treated me and my needs with importance.  I had a bee problem and my daughter is allergic. They came out and solved my problem and weren’t satisfied until the bees were gone.  I like doing business with a local company who believes in service and cares about people.  We moved into a new house and started with Keller as prevention.


Jean Ashbrook




In the spring of 2011 our house was over ran with black carpenter ants.  My husband contacted Keller Pest Control via the telephone book for an estimate to treat our home.  The owner responded right away.  We had previously contacted another well known pest control company for an estimate which was more costly than Keller.  With in a month after our first treatment we noticed a great difference in the number of black ants in our house.  The treatments were not offensive odor wise and the service person was very professional, courteous and considerate.  Mid-summer, we had to call Keller back to our house due to an invasion of Cicada wasp outside of our front door, they came immediately.  We are satisfied with Keller and would recommend this company to anyone.  Derek is an asset to your company!


Norma Miller




Derek is always pleasant to work with.  He gets busy spraying and setting traps whenever we need them.  We haven’t seen any spiders or ants since Keller Pest Control has been treating our building.  Thank you for such great service.


Pamela Johnston




We had some kind of bug that decided to start biting humans in our home the week of 6/30/11.  I think that the cleaning of our carpets really started this whole mess.  I called Derek on 06/30/11 and he very graciously worked us into his busy schedule at the end of the same day.  Not only is Derek nice, he is also so professional and knowledgeable about what is going on in the world of bugs.  It has been 4 days since he was at our house and I haven’t noticed any new bites so I am pretty sure that he solved the problem.


A couple of things really stand out about the particular problem – Derek came right away, he knew what to do and he is always so professional.  He really calmed me down about what it might be, how it would be treated and what to expect.  Derek is the main reason that we stay with Keller Pest Control.  Although the people in the office are always nice when we call, Derek is the reason we feel better.  He has solved all the bug problems that we have experienced thus far.


Kim Melvin




I had a problem with mold in my basement.  After that was removed, we saw that I had a termite problem.  Derek was very thorough explaining what and how the treatment would be done.  I am very satisfied on the job he did.  I was a pest control technician at Kellogg Co. so I know what to look for.


Richard Feld




When I called Keller we were distraught with the fact that we had bedbugs.  Where did they come from?  Mr. Ouvry explained the procedure and they were treatable.  We felt a little better but was surprised to learn after the service started that there was follow up treatments.  My hearing is bad so it was my fault.  You were recommended by Barry at Southwest Michigan Pest Control and I would recommend you to anyone because of your work on both of my homes.  Your men are pleasant and patient with my questions.  Most of all, it was the reassurance by the owner that the situation was rectifiable.  That was what I really wanted to hear.


Ramon Piazza




We had a terrible carpenter ant problem for years and finally got an inspection.  We started the treatments in June of 2015.  Derek let me know that it could take anywhere from 1-2 treatments to actually see the results and probably most often is after the second one, and even then the results might be very good but it might not be completely taken care of.  He did a very thorough job inside and out.  I was expecting to see a little bit of improvement but was not overly optimistic.  Within 48 hours there were remarkably less ants, and after the first week, I no longer saw any.  I couldn’t believe it.


We have been ant free now since our first treatment and couldn’t be happier.  We are absolutely thrilled with the service.


Sara Putney- Smith






Recently we had a troublesome problem with bee infestations at the foundation of our home.  Over the course of a few phone calls and visits they were able to determine that the source of the problem was a huge nest between the floors joists in our basement.  Both of the technicians, as well as the receptionist who took our calls, were very professional and went out of their way to ensure that the problem was thoroughly eradicated.  We strongly recommend your organization and employees to anyone requiring your services.




Darlene Wilson




Our house hasn’t had bugs and spiders since we started treatments with your company.  The bees aren’t around the pool anymore, either.


Christine Hammond




It was Fourth of July weekend about 3 years ago.  I had visitors from out of state.  I noticed some cherries had been placed in the burner of my stove.  My guest said it had to be mice.  I never had mice before.  I called Keller and it was mice!  They set traps, etc., and now the mice are gone.  In fact, I haven’t seen any in months, even in the garage.  Termite damage was found, and had to have the wall to the garage treated.  I do have a certificate; however, showing that it has been treated will be useful when I try to sell this house.  I have found the men who came here to be very kind, helpful and I do trust them.  Overall, I do recommend them to anyone in need of such services.  I no longer worry about pests.


Deanna Evans




We love our pest control people.  They are a local, small firm.  If a company is good and local, I am going to hire the local guy as opposed to the chain firm.  The owner came out and was very straight forward.  My do was fine with him; if my dog approves of someone, they are probably ok.  Our service technician, Derek, is warm and friendly, does an excellent job, and explains things.  If you need something extra he takes care of it.  If you see anything in between time, they come and take care of it and you don’t pay for it.  They guarantee their work and if you see things you shouldn’t be seeing, they come back.


Jason Neuheiten




Your technician Derek is great!  Great customer service. Smart and friendly.


Terrell Harmon




We contacted Keller because they had serviced our home when it was built.  We were so pleased to have our telephone call acknowledged.  From our first appointment to the present time we appreciate the professionalism of all associated with Keller Pest Control.


The technicians always come in uniform with marked vehicles.  They follow their clients carefully and do their best to keep appointments on a proper schedule. If appointments need to be rescheduled or delayed, we are always notified as quickly as possible.


Our Technician knows our particular pest problem.  He is careful to keep all termite monitoring up to date.


Nyle & Barbara Fassett




To this point we are so happy with the Keller Pest Control service and highly recommend their service.  We found the inspector Mr. Harrell to be very professional and informative about our carpenter ant problem.  The technician is very knowledgeable about his profession and explains everything he does when ever he comes for a treatment.  He is so very polite and we appreciated that he respects our home by removing his shoes when walking on the carpet.  With his last visit, we were thankful he found a nest of bees that we did not know we had and her sprayed to get rid of those.  Our grand daughter is highly allergic to bees so what a blessing he found them.  Also thank you for all appointments being on time as not to inconvenience us.


Gail Watson




I am extremely pleased with Keller Pest Control.  I am no longer inundated with spiders all year long and earwigs no longer are a problem.  They also stopped an ant infestation in our garage.  It is a pleasure to work with them.  I only wish that I would have found them sooner, since I do not like bugs in my home and did not realize that with such good service I would rarely see them and how effective they can control them


Patricia Schwenk




We called Keller because we had quite a spider problem in our basement. We recently finished basement off and wanted to move our master bedroom down, the spiders were the only thing stopping us.  After our first visit from Keller, no joke, all spiders in our basement were gone!  We went 2 weeks; saw no new webs and absolutely no spiders.  Glad to say we are now in the basement.  Thanks so much!


Theodore L. Jones Jr.




I recently moved into my mother’s home due to health issues.  She has an ant problem for as long as I can remember and in January I got up one morning to ants all over the kitchen counter – knowing I would not call the business she had use in the past – a gentleman laying a new floor advised me to call Keller – word of mouth is a very good testament.  I called Keller and they were there within the week.  The gentleman was extremely knowledgeable and explained the ant culture to me and then prepared to do his job.  He showed me and explained at the same time.


He is now treating the outside and did so in the winter and that application takes care of a number of critters we all have outside.


I would highly recommend them to anyone – I have been extremely happy and have learned about a lot of a bug’s life.


Linda Ann Rowley




Derek has been servicing our home some time now.  He’s knowledgeable, prompt, helpful and friendly. We’re grateful for his professional service.


William G. Schma




We were more than frustrated by the onslaught of carpenter ants and were at our wits end in how to get rid of them.  It seemed as if we had tried everything!  We read your ad and when it said you could get rid of ants in just one visit - I laughed!  My husband made the call, the technician came out and treated, and to our delight the only ants we saw were dead ones!  It's an understatement to day we are thrilled with your service.  We Highly recommend you to all!  Additionally, your people are very pleasant & timely!  Thank you, Thank you!


Rick and Kathleen Sly





My Husband and I are writing this letter to let you know how happy we have been with your company, CPCS. After building our new house we found that, due to the fertility of the farm land upon which it was constructed, insects became quite bothersome, both inside and outside of our home. Since beginning treatments about the property in spring of 2004, we no longer have this issue.


We would like to comment on your staff’s professionalism when working around our home, property and animals. They reliably answer my questions with courtesy and a smile. Toward the end of last summer, we had and issue with bees. Upon immediate response to our call, a representative came out to our home and resolved the matter.


We look forward to continuing many years of service. We intend to spread the word about the superior support and service your company provides.


Rick and Sandy Collins




We basically started looking last spring (06) for someone who would do the job and not charge so much that we could continue to afford the service. Our previous provider boosted prices over the years and we finally decided it was time to look elsewhere. CPCS has done a great job & we continue to be satisfied with the service and results.


Jane Wright




Rich has been reliable, helpful in even helping me look for entrance areas mice may have in my shed.


He is friendly and personable.






Rich has always been very informative, polite and always explains why service is so important, even during winter months. Any questions we have , he has always been able to explain why!


Rich is very customer-service oriented—does an excellent job!


We are very happy with the service!


Jean Aukerman




We are very pleased with the service provided to us by Keller Pest Control. Our service man (Rich) is excellent & very nice to talk too. Since he’s been coming I have had no problems with anything. He also got rid of the moles in our yard.


Thanks again for Rich.


Barbara Sprau




When I came to The Meadows as manager my company had just purchased the property. It was my job to find all of our vendors. Since I had come from managing another local property I was sure I was going to keep all of the vendors I was comfortable with. For the most part I did. However, my first week here someone from your office came to see me personally, which isn’t something that happens everyday. The man was so nice and not pushy at all, which also took me by surprise! But really sold me were the rates. I had been using Terminex and I planned to continue with them since I already had a good relationship with the technician. But the prices that you offered me along with the great customer service was something I couldn’t pass up. I have only been a customer since December, but the quality of work, the friendliness of your staff, and the reliable service assure me that I made the best decision for my property!


Lisah Simon

The Meadows Apartments





Rich is an excellent technician, very reliable, usually goes beyond the call of duty.


Giny & John Vastbinder




Our original concern was for carpenter ants in our home. Rich has been our service technician and I am very pleased with his performance and service. He was always professional and addressed all my concerns. Living in a wooded area, I was advised carpenter ants will be a persistent problem. The ants I am finding are dead, so the service is working.


Barbara Ball





I had lots of these tiny bugs in my kitchen that looked like baby flies. Rich and I talked about them & he the did some research before his next visit. Rich determined that they were drain flies, ordered a special product to put down the drains in my kitchen. After a couple of applications I have not had those little flies since.


I appreciate that he calls before he shows up at my door and is excellent in dealing with my 3 dogs. My service and any problems I have had, have always been handled efficiently and very professionally at all times.


Jean Fawley




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