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Our Termite Treatment Guarantee


Our Exclusive Iron-Clad, No Wiggle Room, Simple, Straightforward Termite Guarantee


Basically, I guarantee that with our complete Termidor treatment, you will have a subterranean termite-free home or I’ll retreat it for free and refund 100% of your initial investment if, after 120 days of your first treatment and up to day 365, we uncover a new colony of subterranean termites. You will not find ANY company willing to match these guarantees. Here are the details:


Guarantee #1: If, after 120 days of your first treatment and up to day 365, we uncover a new colony of live subterranean termites I will retreat your home for FREE — and REFUND YOUR ENTIRE INITIAL INVESTMENT.


Guarantee #2: If, during the first five years and any year thereafter, we uncover a live colony of subterranean termites, we will retreat your home for FREE — EVEN IF YOU SELL THE HOME AND MOVE OUT!


Frankly, there’s no way on earth I could afford to do this — unless I was successful at making homes just like yours subterranean termite-free and at keeping customers for life. Which I am. So, take note: There’s not fine print here. No little asterisk marks like this (*) with footnotes in tiny type. No “weasel clauses”. No attorney language. I guarantee your home to be free of live subterranean termites period. And, incidentally, I have a standing offer for any other termite & pest control company: Prove that you’ve matched and honored an identical guarantee for at least 5 years in this area and I’ll donate $500.00 to any charity of their choice.


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